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Rocket Pie Canmore, Alberta

Delicious pizza. Local fresh toppings and the finest Italian ingredients.

Rocket Pie Canmore

My First Time at Rocket Pie Pizza

Dave and Dragana greeted us enthusiastically like we were family when we first entered Rocket Pie. I cannot remember the specific movies they were playing on the tv's, but it was this very campy but visually appealing movie and I felt I was magically transported to some cool hangout spot in Inglewood. Dave is a cool dude who spent his formative years in Ramsay, Inglewood's cousin in Calgary. He has some how taken everything I missed about Inglewood but kept the mountain decor and feel. The pizzas were created with such care, to the extent Dave prepares his dough to rise perfectly with the exact elevation we have here in Canmore.

I am very much a fan of meat on my pizza, however, my friend is a diehard vegetarian. The Capricciosa pizza was prepared for us sans the prosciutto cotto. I would not believe how the sauce was really a rich deep tomato taste but never strong enough to overpower the pizza. Describing the dough would never do it justice, and really the pizzas made are so well balanced, so only that each topping compliments one another.

Pizza created with such love a care. Cool city vibes but stays true to the mountains.

Dave has gone above and beyond. He balances everything so well, from flavour to ambience. He literally made dough specifically to rise precisely at the altitude of Canmore.

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Open 7 Days a Week: 3pm - 10pm

304 Old Canmore Rd #101, Canmore, AB T1W 0L5 (Shops of Canmore)