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Quikieh Asian Grocery Store in Canmore

A fine selection from the Phillipines, Korea, Japan and other Asian nations. You can find the coveted banana ketchup and all the other sauces, snacks such as Chickboy and a much better selection of ramen than I've seen in town.

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My First Time in Quikieh in Canmore

I was very new in town and had no idea what was around me. I decided to pop into the Asian market on Bow Valley Trail. As I first walked in I was greeted by a large selection of rice. If you only have had Jasmine and Basmati, you haven't lived. I was amazed to find all the snacks and all the instant ramens and yakisobas I ever wanted. They have healthy options and even fresh mangoes occasionally.

Asian Grocery. Noodles and Rice. Hard-to-find items. Sauces. Snacks. Spices.

I no longer have to rely on the Internet for snacks from Japan and Korea. I have found the place where I can get all the sauces.

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